YOUR SCHOOL is unique. It is comprised of Jewish values, norms, and practices in a Jewish community that has its own special flavor. 

YOUR TEACHERS are engaged in balancing a dual curriculum that is rigorous in both general and Judaic subjects and attends to the academic, social, and emotional needs of each child.

OUR PD CONSULTANCIES are unique because they reflect a deep understanding of Jewish day school norms and aspirations, a commitment to Jewish life, learning, and culture, and the latest thinking in teaching and learning.

OUR COACHES AND CONSULTANTS have spent decades as Jewish day school advisors, teachers, leaders, and parents. They understand your school and be ready to meet your needs because they’ve spent their lives walking the halls of Jewish day schools of all stripes. 

TOGETHER we can engage in learning so that your school's values and our knowledge will shine through in our work. We have experience and expertise on both sides of the curriculum, so when you hire a Prizmah consultant, you can be sure s/he will meet the needs of both your general and Judaic studies faculty.