Prizmah offers dozens of programs and services with proven track records of success. Our portfolio is designed to address the key issues facing Jewish day schools today—and to meet the distinctive needs of every school, regardless of size, location, ideology, or other points-of-distinction.

Based on the priorities of the Jewish day school field, our programs and services focus on:

  • Fundraising & Governance
  • Professional Leadership
  • Leadership Search & Placement Services
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • School Assessment
  • Professional Development for Teachers & Administrators
  • Programs for Students

As a result of engaging with Prizmah’s programs and services, schools will be able to:

  • Achieve their enrollment and retention goals; employ cutting-edge marketing practices to boost enrollment; engage parents, faculty, and board members as compelling ambassadors; and build their ongoing capacity for growth.
  • Attract, hire, train, and retain exceptional professional leaders who are well matched to the school’s culture; capable of promoting excellence; and prepared to embrace innovation.
  • Forge a culture of philanthropy, build lasting relationships with donors, grow the endowment, solidify their governance practices, and guide their schools through transformative strategic planning processes.
  • Maintain a motivate faculty that is fluent in 21st century skills, learning practices, and platforms and employs a rich pedagogical toolbox.
  • Participate in an emerging advocacy movement to engage national and local community leaders in supporting our schools’ success.