Designed to provide Jewish day schools with the knowledge and skills that will bolster their recruitment and retention efforts, schools benefit from 1) a comprehensive assessment of current school recruitment and retention practices; 2) a convening of teams of school professionals and lay leaders learning from leading independent and Jewish day school recruitment and retention experts and peers from other schools; and 3) coaching support to help create and implement a concrete, long-term plan towards enhancing recruitment and retention.

Developing and Implementing a School Community Ambassador Program

The roles & responsibilities for each community constituent group (board, administrators, school personnel, parents, and students); determining ambassador tasks and training; tools for managing and effective program; word-of-mouth marketing, basic social media channels for messaging; proactive techniques and practices for dealing with difficult questions and statements, and tips for motivating ambassadors.  Sessions need to be arrange by constituent group and depending upon the audience the training would be from one-hour for faculty and staff to two and half hours for parent volunteer training.

Day School Engagement and Enrollment Initiative (DSEE)

DSEE provides matching grants and professional development to day schools and their local PJ Library chapter to run Jewish engagement programs for young families.  The goals of DSEE are two-fold: bringing new families into the orbit of the school to ultimately increase enrollment and creating engagement hubs for the broader Jewish community at day schools. DSEE is a partnership between Prizmah, PJ Library (The Harold Grinspoon Foundation) and the AVI CHAI Foundation.

New Admission Professional Training Workshop (Introduction to the Best Practices of Admission Operations)

A two-day intensive in-person workshop in the fundamentals of admission operations, practices, admission terminology, word-of-mouth marketing, and data management.  The workshop is designed for admission professionals with less than two years of experience working in JDS admissions.  A minimum of six participants and no more than 20 participants per workshop session.

Social Media for Recruitment & Retention

Designed to help your school better leverage the web and social media to help you grow enrollment.